Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Scene

Hello everyone! I LOVE Christmas! I am just a big kid at Christmas time and love decorating my home, making presents, making new decorations and of course making mini Christmas scenes! 

 Quick Christmas Tree Tutorial
1. You need, pipe cleaner, tinsel and a foam cone shape.

2. Twist the tinsel around the pipe cleaner.

3. Now wind the pipe cleaner with tinsel around the top of the foam cone to get the shape.

All Done!

Yesterday I decorated our home and today I got together with the Starr Model Agency to help them with their Christmas Scene...

L-R: Toya, Mystery Man, Ms Starr (baby?), Taylor, Dawn & Misty.

Who is Ms Starr with???

Nicholas, Ms Starr and Baby Pink
Yes, Starr recently eloped, arriving home with Nicholas and a new baby girl!

Oh the food looks yummy!
Easy turkey: take a plastic one, rub glue over  it then roll in real seasoning.

We miss you Mini Jazzi!

Can we open the presents yet?

Merry Christmas Mini Friends!


  1. Love the quick and easy tree tutorial. The scene looks so festive, I want to join the party. :D

  2. veo que ya tienes todo preparado para las fiestas ,todas las chicas se ven de lo mas elegantes



    1. Thanks mcddiss..I agree the girls look lovely!

  3. love it!! ...many news here! :) Nikolas and a baby...need to learn more!!! :)

    1. Thanks Anne..I will post a story about Ms Starr's secret wedding!

  4. love it!!!so many news here..quite exciting!!! :) Yes..i miss MJ ,too...where is she???

  5. Great Christmas Scene Jazzi, Best Wishes of the Season to you and yours xo


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